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CJ Ramone

Riot Fest Presents

CJ Ramone

Big Eyes, Modern Day Rippers, Double Feature

Thu, May 11, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

This event is 17 and over

CJ Ramone
CJ Ramone
CJ Ramone is the artistic name of Christopher Joseph Ward, born
October 8th 1965, known as the famous and latest Bass Player of
the most legendary American punk rock band The Ramones.

CJ joined the band in 1989 filling the most difficult shoes to be
filled, Dee Dee Ramone's, one of the founders and main composer
of the band. Since the band retired, he has played in The Ramainz, which was formed by Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone and
Dee Dee's wife, Barbara Zampini. He also played with Axe Attack,
Los Gusanos, and his last group effort was with Bad Chopper.

He then devoted himself to family life but in 2008 CJ proved his
will to rock hard again by launching Bad Chopper's first CD. As
lead singer and composer of all the songs, CJ put forth an album
written during critical and dark moments of his personal life,
in which CJ still makes room for visions of a better future.
Comparisons to Ramones are inevitable, but not unique.

CJ reveals his deepest personal influences: from classic bands like
The Ramones, Stooges, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys and The Damned to more modern bands like Zeke, Speedealer, Fu Manchu and Queens of The Stone Age. The music is simple, but it glows by itself. It is still being acclaimed by the fans and the press as the best work ever recorded by any of the Ramones after the bands' breakup.

Just listening to this CD once will be enough to understand
the reasons why CJ saved the biggest punk rock institution ever:
The Ramones.

As a member of the band, and as a lifelong fan, CJ knows more
than anyone the importance of keeping the Ramones spirit alive.
So, with Bad Chopper, he chose to mix his own music with Ramones classics in his live sets all over the world. But with the end of Bad Chopper, CJ sought to do more. He put out his own music under the name the world got to know him as - CJ RAMONE - a name he earned in his own right. Knowing he was attaching the Ramone name to his work he created perfection with the album
Reconquista. He tipped his ubiquitous NY Yankee hat to his
fallen brothers with the sublime "Three Angels" an anthem that
honors the Ramones as only another Ramone can.

But it didn't stop there. He continued the critical success
with the album Last Chance to Dance in 2014. From the anguished
love stories of "Carry Me Away" and "One More Chance" to the
personal, angry anthems or "Won't Stop Swinging" and "Grunt" one
can't help but see he is a punk rock innovator in his own right.
He not only dedicates himself to the spirit of the Ramones but
has created his own legion of young fans eager for fresh music
from a classic genre. It's a line he balances perfectly in the
albums and with charismatic energy and devotion to his fans on
the stage.

And now, while he continues to tour the world in a live show
that is not to missed the world awaits his latest endeavor,
tentatively titled "CJR3."

CJ is currently touring the states from May to July and Europe
from July to August.
Big Eyes
Big Eyes continue to be one of NYC's best-kept secrets as far as melodic punk bands go. Their 2013 album Almost Famous sounds as good now as the day it came out, and it's exciting news that we'll finally be getting a followup this year. It's called Stake My Claim, and it comes out on August via Don Giovanni (pre-order). As you know if you've seen them live lately, Big Eyes have been incorporating more classic rock riffage into their sound, and that is definitely coming across in the songs we've heard from this album. On "Behind Your Eyes," which premieres in this post, there's also some of the '60s-pop-inspired-punk that we know from the Ramones, The Queers, and to some extent Weezer. Picture that sound with a little Thin Lizzy or The Runaways thrown in, and you've got a pretty good idea of this new Big Eyes record.
Modern Day Rippers
Get ready for the new shit babies. You thought you seen it all…you ain't seen nothin'. It's time to rip it up in a modern way, it's time to rip it up in the modern day, It's time for the MODERN DAY RIPPERS! Featuring members of Rotten Fruits, Hotlips Messiah, Turbo Vamps, and Brothers in Crime. You've been warned bitches.
Double Feature
When Kyle and Dominick caught eyes at an all-male hot dog eating contest this summer, musical collaboration couldn't have seemed more predestined. The sultry beef-riddled mood allowed for such a match made in heaven to take form. Kyle's skills to down a dozen dogs in less than one minute caught Justin's eye as a contest judge, just as Justin's skills to play "Highway to Hell" on drums using hotdog sticks during the contest half-time show caught Kyle's eyes.

It was within weeks that the band took to the rooms of The Music Garage to emulate the classic skate-punk styles of NOFX, The Vandals and other similar bands your girlfriend pretends to like under the name Double Feature. Today, Dominick and Justin live quiet lives managing an erotic rollerblading forum in their free time while Kyle works at a prosthetic hand factory.

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