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Gospel of the Serpent III


Black Devotion, Nucleus, Carpathian Funeral, Ptahil, Funeral Of God

Sat, August 26, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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This event is 18 and over

Hod is not an acronym. It is not H.O.D. It is Hod. Can we all get it straight now? Hod is creating what the world needs and fears the most; REAL FUCKING METAL!!! Our debut album "Serpent" was released April 14th 2009 on Ibex Moon Records. The album was recorded in Austin, Texas with Stuart "Batlord" Laurence of Agony Column/Ignitor producing it. The mastering was done by Proscriptor of
Absu . You can order the album at Amazon.com. All major stores should have a copy of it as well, and if they don't, kill them! We are currently in the works on our second full length album also to be released on Ibex moon records sometime later this year (2010). We've had some lineup changes in the band. Some good. Some bad. All for the better of the band. You can't stop US!!! The Serpent shall consume you.
Black Devotion
Black Devotion
We are Nucleus. Our sole purpose is to melt your neocortex with our brand of utterly cosmic death metal brutality. We give a shit about two things: black holes, and blastbeats. Get you some.
Carpathian Funeral
Carpathian Funeral
PTAHIL's involvement is Illumination through Satanic Gnosticism!
Black Metal charged with adversarial ritual and spirituality. Sworn to the Anti-Cosmic Chaos and the perpetuation towards the death of ALL life.
Lyrically manuscripted from Satanic introspection and musically composed from dissonant flagellation.

PTAHIL (pronounced Fetahil) came into existence when J. Mhaghnuis recorded the 28 minute long song, "Dies Iræ! Dies Illa! Solvet Sæclum In Favilla!".
That recording was shortly followed by the "Ortus" and"Anti-Flesh Existence" mini releases which came out through Stronghold Records.

D. Luathca joins as the second member of the Death Cult and a deal is made with Wraith Productions to release future material.
PTAHIL enters the studio to record "The Black Fire" demo for Wraith and the "May She Destroy The Cosmos,
Drunk On The Blood Of All Life" single, released on Stronghold Records.

PTAHIL records their debut full-length CD, "For His Satanic Majesty's Glory" for Wraith Productions.
The release sees the existence into this wretched world on November 14th 2011.

"For His Satanic Majesty's Glory" receives praise from press and fans alike.

In March, PTAHIL does a mini tour to Texas performing alongside bands, Teratism and Bahimiron. After the completion of this stint, work was finished on PTAHIL's second full-length release, "The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair" which was released 12/21/2012 once again on Wraith Productions. In August, PTAHIL plays the first annual Sleeze Fest with MAUSOLEUM, MIDNIGHT and THE MENTORS. During 2012, PTAHIL also completed another recording which is to be their 3rd full-length release titled, "Born Against". Truely feeling the blessings of the dark, enough new material was composed to complete their 4th & 5th releases as well.

Joker Lokison joins the Cult on Bass Guitar and the trio start their live assaults.
Demo tracking begins on PTAHIL's 4th full-length recording titled, "Pan-Daemon-Aeon".
PTAHIL also performed live several times in 2013 with bands like Skeletonwitch, Black Witchery, and Mausoleum. In November a successful seven date North Eastern US & Canadian Tour was embarked upon with Demonic Christ.

PTAHIL's third full-length recording, "Born Against" is released through Arctic Music.
Funeral Of God
Funeral Of God
The Funeral of God project began in 2010 with the intention of composing heavy and gloomy in the style of Coffins , first Hellhammer , Celtic Frost , Cianide and so on. In 2012 comes the first eponymous demo with seven very rough and oppressive tracks.
Started as a duo, after the first demo the project is seeking to broaden the line-up to be able to play live , but of all people , only L.S. " Sgari " is what remains at least in the band. New songs are written and in 2014 will be recorded for a new demo , entitled " last breath before defunction " . title that presages a radical change of consequent formation in disagreements between the components and the lack of underlying motivation.
Now Funeral of God are yet another one-man project of P.C."Odio" which sees the presence ,at the voice, of friends belonging to other projects . Style remains devoted to the occult side of funereal death metal . Thanks to merdumgiriz records this collection sees the light of darkness for future memory of this first incarnation of the project.

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