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Dot to Dot Management Presents


Varaha, Terranaut

Sat, May 26, 2018

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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This event is 17 and over

Pillorian was formed in early Summer of 2016 with the goal to create a unique, sinister, and twisted style of dark/black metal. Fusing haunting melodies with avantgarde structures, dark folk elements and blackened walls of furious sound; the music of Pillorian is the perfect aural definition of its namesake.
An ode to the misanthropic and nihilistic traditions established by late 90s Black Metal, Terranaut inverts these inspired sounds to a disarray of fast-picking melodic rhythm and lead guitar, unorthodox percussion arrangements to intrigue the listener, selective bass lines and raw traditional Black Metal-style harsh vocals to complete their style of American Black Metal. The instrumentation carries Pagan and Native lyrical substance that narrates the original people of the Western Hemisphere, the beauty of nature, and adds historical pieces to evoke a sense of thoughtfulness and emotion.

Terranaut is:

Lisa Jablonski- Vocals
Maciej Krolicki - Guitar
Nieko Rodriguez - Guitar
Patrick Okroj - Bass
Troy Hoff - Drums
Tony Hicks - Fife, Tribal Drum

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