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The Lizard Kings

Born On Records Presents

The Lizard Kings

Killer Moon, South Arsenal, Black Japan, DJ Resistol

Fri, September 21, 2018

8:00 pm


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This event is 18 and over

Killer Moon
Killer Moon
Killer Moon is a psychedelic jam band with classic rock and doomy sludge undertones. Extended instrumentals paired with ambient vocals make Killer Moon a must see for anyone looking to expand their mind and musical horizons.

The band was formed by Jesse Garza and Amaris Aviles in the summer of 2007 in Chicago. The group honed in on their sound for about a year before deciding to take their talents to South Florida to play for former cocaine cowboys and Haitian refugees. Garza and Aviles were in Miami for 2 years playing shows and living under the same roof until the two decided to move back to Chicago on Thanksgiving in 2010.

Upon their return to the Windy City, Killer Moon started playing shows at a break neck pace. In the winter of 2010 the band started jamming with drummer Chis Avgerin and this past summer he became an official member of the group.

Garza, Aviles and Avgerin are now recording their new album, Tunnel Vision, at Engine Studios with producer and musical wizard Sanford Parker.
Black Japan
Black Japan

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