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Velvet Acid Christ

Krampus Ball 2018

Velvet Acid Christ


Sat, December 8, 2018

9:00 pm


This event is 17 and over

Velvet Acid Christ
Velvet Acid Christ
With their origins rooting back all the way to their high school electronics class, Velvet Acid Christ got their start in 1990 under the original "Cyberchrist," but changed it in dedication to an alleged acid trip gone bad. Comprising two core members Bryan and Chris, Velvet Acid Christ represent the grimmer aspect of social issues that surround their environment, to the soundtrack of darkened industrial metal. With topics that include animal rights, the environment and the technological advances overwhelming mankind, Velvet Acid Christ are a warning signal tracks entitled Neuralblastoma and their follow-up, 1997's Calling Oy the Dead. With Velvet Acid Christ's next move to Metropolis Records in 1998, their Fun with Drugs EP was released the next year followed by their third album Fun with Knives and the Fun Razors.

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